Things to Consider when Selecting an Urgent Care Facility

In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of urgent care facilities across the United States of America. Their growing popularity is partly attributable to the fact that you do not need an appointment to receive their services. Some of them have x-rays and physicians on site, therefore, patients won’t have to wait for long to receive a diagnosis. However, it is not prudent to just walk into any urgent care facility you come across. There are things you’ll need to consider when selecting an urgent care facility. For example:

Urgent Care Facility


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Urgent care facilities are now readily available across the United States of America. In fact, according to stats, there are presently 9,000 urgent care facilities in the US: 20% are found in rural areas; 55% in suburban areas; and 25% in urban populations. You should look for a facility that is nearest to you so that you can make there on time without the burden of a long commute, especially if you or your family member is experiencing acute symptoms. Here is another great option: Urgent Care La Jolla


Consult with your insurance company to find out which of the urgent care facilities near you is covered under your medical plan. Opting for a facility that is covered under your medical plan will save you lots of money.


Another factor to consider is the reputation of the facility. Friends and family who’ve used the facility can share with you their experiences so that you can determine whether to enroll your loved one there. Some of the things you’d be checking against facilities in the area include whether the clinic has an on-site physician at all times and the waiting period before a patient can see a doctor, nurse or physician assistant.

Your regular doctor may also recommend a good urgent care facility in the area. Some of the doctors could be affiliated with certain facilities, meaning, you’ll easily get access to doctors already in your network.

Competence and Training of a Facility’s Doctors

You may also do a background check on the doctors of a particular facility to know of their competence and training. You may need to find out if any disciplinary cases have ever been filed against them and if their licenses have ever been revoked or not. You can also call the facility in prior to inquire about a few things before enrolling a family member or yourself there.

Hours of Operation

It is important to choose an urgent care facility that is open throughout the day. It is unfortunate that some facilities only offer their services during business hours. This may be inconvenient for you in case you or your loved one need medical care at night. Besides, administering IVs and completing tests usually takes time; therefore, if the facility operates only within some hours, the medical care may not be completed before the center closes. So, contact the care facility beforehand and inquire about their hours of operation.

Should Be Under the Management of a Physician

Many states require that urgent care facilities be under the management of a qualified physician at all times. Along with physicians, there should be nurses and x-ray practitioners to provide specialized care. Other facilities may have dentists, respiratory specialists as well as a pulmonologist on-site.